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Rachel Hogancamp - Survivor of Breast Cancer/DCIS Stage I

Rachel Hogancamp - Survivor of Breast Cancer/DCIS Stage I

May 28, 2021

Rachel is the founder and managing partner at Rasa Spa in Ithaca, NY and in charge of services and operations the Spa at the Inns of Aurora. She’s a committee member of the Community Foundation’s Women’s Fund, a board member of Family & Children’s Services, and the current Chair of the Tompkins Chamber and Convention and Visitors Bureau. Rachel has been a photographer for many years and her passion was reignited when she started pointing her camera at birds and it became quite a valuable part of her life as she found her way through her diagnosis and treatment. 


I saw Rachel somewhat regularly thought her cancer journey, starting with me all but barging into her home to make sure she was ok, so it was a real treat to catch up with her and learn a little bit more about how she found her way through her diagnosis.


Rachel has been cancer-free for five years.


0:00:00 How the cancer was discovered

0:11:35 Unexpected second surgery 

0:19:25 Second opinion for adjuvant therapy

0:25:50 Radiation

0:37:50 Tattoos 

0:44:00 Radiation side-effects

0:49:00 Something within the psyche that needed to go

0:56:00 Life opens up through diagnosis & treatment

1:02:30 Tamoxifen


 - recorded July 9, 2020

Bethany Webb - Survivor of Breast Cancer (Invasive Ductal Carcinoma)

Bethany Webb - Survivor of Breast Cancer (Invasive Ductal Carcinoma)

May 21, 2021

Bethany is a Mindset Coach, a Cancer Thriver, and author of her first book or as she puts it, her first book baby “My Guru Cancer.” A big proponent of living life to the fullest, Bethany is on a mission to help others find freedom with everything life brings, especially those curveballs. What I enjoyed most about the conversation with Bethany was how grateful she is for where she is today and her understanding that she would not have gotten here had she not been diagnosed with breast cancer.


Bethany has been cancer-free for five years.


0:00:00 How it was found

0:10:25 Excited about cancer

0:27:05 You don’t have to believe your thoughts 

0:38:45 Infertility

0:44:34 Allopathic vs Holistic treatments

0:58:37 Laughing at the insanity of it all 

1:10:30 Silicone “Gummy Bear” implants 

1:17:35 Nipple saving mastectomy

1:31:05 Finding peace and acceptance

1:41:45 Having say in how your life will go

1:51:45 Mortality

1:57:08 My Book Baby

2:10:43 Mindset Coaching


- recorded October 7, 2020

Diane Zandstra - 2x Survivor of Breast Cancer

Diane Zandstra - 2x Survivor of Breast Cancer

May 7, 2021

Diane and her boyfriend, Cory Stone, reside in a historic neighborhood northeast of downtown Nashville with their 2 cats, Photon and Minnie. They both record and perform together as the duo Coffee with Her online and in local venues. These days, Diane works for one of the “big three” major record labels on a global data team, with the best group of people she can imagine. In her free time, she and Cory enjoy a great cup of espresso, connecting with friends, running, and living a sweet and simple life.


Speaking with Diane left me feeling fulfilled and grateful as she just exuded gratitude for her community that lifted her up in countless ways when she didn’t see a way though or was just looking for a little bit of light.


0:00:00 How it was discovered

0:07:15 Couch to 5K

0:15:20 Insurance & 2nd opinions

0:22:00 Headlamps for Headlights

0:27:05 You can’t fake a full marathon

0:36:10 Worst best year of my life

0:43:50 Post-surgery drains

0:51:55 Couch to 5K - what it took

1:02:15 Expander then implants

1:14:30 Routine appointments

1:20:15 The little big things

1:27:40 What’s truly important


⁃ recorded October 8, 2020

Kara Skrubis - Survivor of Osteosarcoma

Kara Skrubis - Survivor of Osteosarcoma

April 30, 2021

Kara was diagnosed when she was 18 years old - she’s now 19. She’s a dancer, an artist, an animal lover, and a pediatric cancer advocate. She lives in New York State and she’s a double major in psychology, and health and human services. She aspires to work in child life to support those going through rough times.


0:00:00 How the cancer was found
0:09:45 Amputation the way to go
0:18:15 Prosthetic options
0:24:30 Getting acclimated to a prosthetic
0:32:45 Waking up without a leg
0:38:00 Phantom limb pain
0:47:30 Six months of chemo
0:58:40 Stroke symptoms
1:05:20 Physical Therapy


- recorded January 29, 2021

Shayla Martin - Survivor of Invasive Ductal Carcinoma

Shayla Martin - Survivor of Invasive Ductal Carcinoma

April 23, 2021

Shayla is a New York City girl, she’s a runner and loves to work out, she cherishes her time with her friends and she loves to travel!!


Shayla speaks with a groundedness that got all of my attention the first time I heard her a speak. She calmly explains how through the world of cancer she discovered something called "feelings." A word she wasn’t particularly familiar with. Me being someone deeply impacted by his feelings on a daily basis, I really enjoyed listening to and understanding Shayla’s experience.


Shayla has been cancer free for 2.5 years


0:00:00 How the cancer was found
0:10:55 Feeling powerless
0:22:35 Mortality ever present
0:28:25 Move the trauma through
0:38:30 No support group for a young Black woman
0:42:50 “People call them feelings”
0:47:50 Being present
0:55:55 Strong or simply enduring what’s so
1:08:00 Side-effects
1:14:15 Three breast reconstructions
1:20:00 The divine feminine
1:24:45 Post-treatment medications

Rachel Westlake - 2x Survivor of Non-Hodgkin‘s Lymphoma Diffuse Large B-Cell

Rachel Westlake - 2x Survivor of Non-Hodgkin‘s Lymphoma Diffuse Large B-Cell

April 16, 2021

One of the things that stands out to me about Rachel is the amount of attention she has devoted to her own growth as a person and how it is clearly reflected in how she engages with me and no doubt her clients.


This time of year, besides supporting her clients and building her business cycadianhealth.com, Rachel enjoys gardening and hiking. She lives in coastal Northern California with her partner and dog buddy. She enjoys cooking, creating random art, reading, body movement and building a mind-body connection, and being in nature and with loved ones.


Rachel has been cancer-free for five years.


0:00:00 How the cancer was discovered

0:07:45 Post-surgery

0:11:30 Re-entering the world

0:19:20 Self-advocacy

0:25:50 Patient advocacy

0:33:00 The power of the patient

0:38:35 Benefit of the patient advocate

0:47:34 Diagnosed again at 35

0:55:00 Adult Follicular Lymphoma

1:01:50 High dose chemotherapy

1:16:13 Powerfully engaging with your physician

1:28:30 Creating ceremony in survivorship

1:39:45 Facing mortality and maladaptive behaviors

1:57:00 Empathy


recorded 3/26/2021


Carole Motycka - Survivor of Stage IV Colorectal Cancer & Living Donor Liver Transplant Recipient

Carole Motycka - Survivor of Stage IV Colorectal Cancer & Living Donor Liver Transplant Recipient

April 9, 2021

Carole is the mother of four sons and she currently resides in Connecticut with her life partner Michael. She is a co-founder of BLUEM, a Colorectal Cancer patient access space, she’s an Ambassador with Fight CRC as well as The Global Colon Cancer Association, she’s a survivor model for The Colon Club, and her story and advocacy work have been published in many local, regional and national media outlets


Carole has been cancer-free for three years.


0:00:00 How the cancer was found

0:10:20 Prognosis

0:19:15 Hepatic Artery Infusion Pump

0:28:20 Liver Aneurism

0:35:46 Liver donor 

0:45:30 Liver transplant

0:50:30 Multiple birthdays

1:03:20 Colorectal Screening

1:11:08 Tertiary Care Units

1:20:00 My_Bluem

1:24:00 Fully ALIVE with cancer!


- recorded 3/19/2021

Lauren Tarpley - Survivor of Stage 2 Her2+ Breast Cancer (grade 3)

Lauren Tarpley - Survivor of Stage 2 Her2+ Breast Cancer (grade 3)

March 19, 2021

As soon as I greeted Lauren, she hit the ground running and I spent the rest of the podcast just trying to keep up with her. She does not wait for life to happen.


Her podcast "Life with Little Ones" is a place for parents to learn about other kinds of families. How to raise more inclusive children and how we all cope with parenting in this pandemic and these times. All kinds of families. Same sex, interracial, interfaith. Conscious coupling or intentionally single parents. 


Follow on Instagram @blended_kidz & @lifewithlittleones.podcast


Lauren is currently in the midst of treatment and as of March 2, 2021 she is cancer-free.


0:00:00 Getting the phone call

0:08:15 Systematic racism in medicine 

0:21:40 How you relate to your doctor

0:24:35 Diagnostics & imaging

0:35:10 Lack of genetic testing data for African-Americans

0:43:00 Chemotherapy 

0:47:40 AYA (Adolescent & Young Adult)

0:52:45 Receiving diagnosis

0:58:30 Cancer screening & recurrence rate

1:10:00 MRI scans

1:13:00 Origin of cancer

1:18:10 Caner day to day

1:30:40 BRCA gene mutation test

1:40:00 Progressing thru and after treatment

1:47:00 Others not showing up


- recorded 01/22/2021

Casey Kang Head - 3x Survivor of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Casey Kang Head - 3x Survivor of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

March 12, 2021

Casey’s journey just floored me with what she had to endure and I was deeply moved by the love and presence demanded of her and her family by this seemingly unending diagnosis.


Casey is the author of “Finding Your Way Back to Heart Center; cancer treatment ended now what?”


She’s a cancer survivorship coach: helping women thrive post-treatment, stronger physically mentally & emotionally through her program: A Happier Healthier You. She’s also personal trainer and a cancer exercise specialist. Casey is based out of Chicago and she is a dog mom to a Maltipoo named Lily.


Casey ’s been cancer free for 3 1/2 years.


Instagram @TheHappierHustle

Website TheHappierHustle.com 

Facebook Group “Thriving After Cancer Treatment.”


0:00:00 How the cancer was found

0:10:15 Adult with pediatric cancer

0:22:00 Petechiae and bruising

0:32:48 Extracting the bone marrow

0:42:45 Get walking!

0:54:08 IT Chemo infusions

1:01:52 Rehab hospital 

1:09:13 All that we take for granted

1:18:55 Chemo-brain

1:25:05 Two years of treatment and then a recurrence

1:30:55 Fever 105°F

1:39:40 Sitting in the uncomfortableness

1:52:10 Twenty more good years

1:57:12 Stem cell treatment 

2:14:30 Third recurrence


- recorded 04/04/2020

Laura Steenburgh - Survivor of Ductal Carcinoma in situ (DCIS)

Laura Steenburgh - Survivor of Ductal Carcinoma in situ (DCIS)

March 4, 2021

Laura is a wife, a mother, a dog owner, a nonprofit development consultant, and a dedicated do-it-your-self-er who loves to spend time with her family, travel, stay up late and sleep in.


What really stood out to me in this conversation with Laura is how meticulously she researched every aspect of her treatment options, from her physicians and their treatment recommendations, to her fellow patients as far as what they were glad they and what they wish they had done differently.


Laura has ben cancer-free for ten years.


0:00:00 How the cancer was found
0:15:00 Making your needs clear
00:27:43 Additional opinions
00:34:30 Breast reconstruction
00:45:06 Interviewing your doctor
0:57:20 Side effects
1:04:45 Feeling at home in our bodies
1:10:46 Others noticing our altered bodies
1:15:10 Sharing our experience with others
1:25:30 Choosing a direction
1:29:20 Cancer and being a parent
1:36:25 Lifting each other up
1:40:20 Our unique responses to treatment and procedures
1:47:00 Cancer screening


-recorded April 24, 2020

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