But Seriously: The Cancer Podcast

Diane Zandstra - 2x Survivor of Breast Cancer

May 7, 2021

Diane and her boyfriend, Cory Stone, reside in a historic neighborhood northeast of downtown Nashville with their 2 cats, Photon and Minnie. They both record and perform together as the duo Coffee with Her online and in local venues. These days, Diane works for one of the “big three” major record labels on a global data team, with the best group of people she can imagine. In her free time, she and Cory enjoy a great cup of espresso, connecting with friends, running, and living a sweet and simple life.


Speaking with Diane left me feeling fulfilled and grateful as she just exuded gratitude for her community that lifted her up in countless ways when she didn’t see a way though or was just looking for a little bit of light.


0:00:00 How it was discovered

0:07:15 Couch to 5K

0:15:20 Insurance & 2nd opinions

0:22:00 Headlamps for Headlights

0:27:05 You can’t fake a full marathon

0:36:10 Worst best year of my life

0:43:50 Post-surgery drains

0:51:55 Couch to 5K - what it took

1:02:15 Expander then implants

1:14:30 Routine appointments

1:20:15 The little big things

1:27:40 What’s truly important


⁃ recorded October 8, 2020

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