But Seriously: The Cancer Podcast

Rachel Hogancamp - Survivor of Breast Cancer/DCIS Stage I

May 28, 2021

Rachel is the founder and managing partner at Rasa Spa in Ithaca, NY and in charge of services and operations the Spa at the Inns of Aurora. She’s a committee member of the Community Foundation’s Women’s Fund, a board member of Family & Children’s Services, and the current Chair of the Tompkins Chamber and Convention and Visitors Bureau. Rachel has been a photographer for many years and her passion was reignited when she started pointing her camera at birds and it became quite a valuable part of her life as she found her way through her diagnosis and treatment. 


I saw Rachel somewhat regularly thought her cancer journey, starting with me all but barging into her home to make sure she was ok, so it was a real treat to catch up with her and learn a little bit more about how she found her way through her diagnosis.


Rachel has been cancer-free for five years.


0:00:00 How the cancer was discovered

0:11:35 Unexpected second surgery 

0:19:25 Second opinion for adjuvant therapy

0:25:50 Radiation

0:37:50 Tattoos 

0:44:00 Radiation side-effects

0:49:00 Something within the psyche that needed to go

0:56:00 Life opens up through diagnosis & treatment

1:02:30 Tamoxifen


 - recorded July 9, 2020

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