But Seriously: The Cancer Podcast

Jake O‘Brien - Survivor of Esophageal Cancer

June 4, 2021

Jake O’Brien is a young outgoing man who has always been fascinated with all things health & self development. He’s been thrown a whole bunch of challenges through his life, all of which he has found a way to overcome. Jake is passionate about fitness, mental health & showing up as the best he can be - no matter what!


I really enjoyed this conversation with Jake because - to put it simply, it’s raw. Jake is strong, honest & vulnerable and willing to be seen exactly where he is even while he’s still in the process of picking up the pieces.


Jake has been cancer-free for six months. 


0:00:00 How the cancer was discovered 

0:12:00 Emotional health & masculinity

0:31:30 Biopsy & prognosis 

0:42:00 Alternative approaches

0:53:15 Radiotherapy

0:59:25 Being on the knife’s edge

1:14:25 Fitness & mental health

1:29:00 Combining traditional & alternative treatments


“The Mask We Wear” - Trailer


Instagram @JakeOBrien


- recorded February 17, 2020

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