But Seriously: The Cancer Podcast

Shayla Martin - Survivor of Invasive Ductal Carcinoma

April 23, 2021

Shayla is a New York City girl, she’s a runner and loves to work out, she cherishes her time with her friends and she loves to travel!!


Shayla speaks with a groundedness that got all of my attention the first time I heard her a speak. She calmly explains how through the world of cancer she discovered something called "feelings." A word she wasn’t particularly familiar with. Me being someone deeply impacted by his feelings on a daily basis, I really enjoyed listening to and understanding Shayla’s experience.


Shayla has been cancer free for 2.5 years


0:00:00 How the cancer was found
0:10:55 Feeling powerless
0:22:35 Mortality ever present
0:28:25 Move the trauma through
0:38:30 No support group for a young Black woman
0:42:50 “People call them feelings”
0:47:50 Being present
0:55:55 Strong or simply enduring what’s so
1:08:00 Side-effects
1:14:15 Three breast reconstructions
1:20:00 The divine feminine
1:24:45 Post-treatment medications

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