But Seriously: The Cancer Podcast

Mandi Chambless - Survivor of Stage IIIc Ovarian Cancer

January 21, 2021

Mandi lives in the Austin, Texas area with her husband and their three dogs. She is an artist and a writer with a great love of the outdoors. Mandi has been cancer-free for almost twelve years.


0:00:00 Surprise diagnosis

0:05:00 Treatment

0:15:31 “How can we mourn the thing we didn’t even want in the first place?”

0:19:00 Being the reason everyone around you is trying not to cry

25:54 Spouses addiction

0:28:57 Overhearing her diagnosis 

0:34:25 Healing in transparency

0:43:30 Patient guilt

0:53:05 Forgiveness

0:59:04 Supporting other survivors

1:10:15 The benefits of writing

1:21:08 Simply Do and Be

1:29:00 Post-treatment followups

1:39:35 Treatment for the treatment 

1:47:09 Having an incurable disease



- recorded October 21, 2020

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