But Seriously: The Cancer Podcast

Leslie Socol - Survivor of Stage 3 Colon Cancer

March 3, 2022

Leslie is a Mom to four sons and a daughter, a daughter in law, son in law and two grandsons. She currently lives in NYC with her husband of 27 years, Steve and their youngest son.

Leslie is a certified life coach working with People after cancer treatment ends that struggle to find joy in their new cancer free life. She knows all about this reality and is making it her mission to help people into and through survivorship.

Leslie has recently joined the Colorectal Cancer Alliance buddy program in order to help even more people make the transition from patient to survivor.

Find her on Instagram at @CoachingBeyondCancer and www.CoachingBeyondCancer.com

Leslie has been cancer free three years.


- recorded June 2, 2021

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