But Seriously: The Cancer Podcast

Lee Ginenthal - Survivor of Prostate Cancer

January 28, 2021

Lee is a retired school teacher, a volunteer and mentor at the Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes for men with prostate cancer. He’s a personal trainer and uses old school/unconventional strength and mobility training, he’s the owner of Der Rosenmeister Nursery, an antique and modern rose nursery, and he lectures widely throughout the Northeast on sustainable rose growing practices. He is married and has two grown children and a grandson.


0:00:00 How the cancer was found
0:09:00 Treatment options
0:13:35 Biopsy
0:17:00 Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy
0:24:55 Penial Rehabilitation
0:32:44 “Frank Talks”
0:37:17 All in nine weeks
0:42:10 Finding support
0:46:28 Caregiver support
0:54:13 Erectile Dysfunction
1:01:15 Urination recovery
1:04:15 Seeing the insides of our bodies
1:11:30 Making the treatment decision
1:19:40 Adult Undergarments
1:26:00 Body image and hiding


- recorded September 23, 2020

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