But Seriously: The Cancer Podcast

Laya Ballesteros (Part Two) - Survivor of Stage II ER PR+ Her2- Breast Cancer

December 18, 2020

This is part two of the Laya Ballesteros podcast. Laya is an elementary school art teacher who is passionate about working with our youngest artists and she herself is a mixed media artist. Laya has been cancer-free for three years.

0:00:00 Going into surgery

0:12:57 Post-surgery recovery

0:25:00 Long-term recovery

0:37:54 Chemotherapy

0:47:25 Allergic reaction to chemo

0:56:35 The impact on our relationships

1:13:50 Managing chemo side effects

1:24:57 Life after cancer


- recorded April 8, 2020

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